Meet The Office Staff

You'll interact with them more and they'll take good care of you.

James R. Dutton


Position: Attorney

Years of Experience: 3 Years

Brief Bio:

James R. Dutton previous to owning and operating his private practice worked for the public defenders for two years doing public defense. James R. Dutton has traveled all over the state doing criminal defense work from Columbus, north to Atlanta and everywhere in between. James has defended clients in front of 50 judges now and is ready to defend your case too.

Ashley Culberson,

Ashley Culberson

Position: Administrative Assistant

Brief Bio:

For the past 3 years, Ashley Culberson has effectively represented the face of our law office. Working in close coordination with the Attorney and Paralegal, Ashley has proven to be efficient in managing our schedules. Her warm demeanor sets her apart as many clients have informed us, and we trust that you will not only smile when you speak with Ashley, but also know exactly what to expect from our firm.

Bridget Plott,

Bridget Plott

Position: Certified Paralegal

Brief Bio:

Bridget has a decade of experience in criminal law. In addition to supervising our office, she sits in on many jury trials to assist in organization and provide emotional support to our clients. She is a mix of organized, professional and personable. In addition to her top notch people skills, Bridget is an excellent critical thinker with an amazing memory of cases and clients.