Protecting Your License When Facing A Speeding Violation

You don't want to lose your license to a suspension because of a speeding ticket. If you received a speeding ticket on I-75 or anywhere in Georgia, take it seriously and take an attorney with you to court. We have often seen people who were nonchalant about a ticket, and end up with their driver's license suspended because they went to court without legal advocacy.

Speeding tickets can result in suspension under Georgia's point system. They also count in your home state if you are not a Georgia resident. Under-21 drivers and CDL drivers must take any ticket very seriously. Contact James R. Dutton, Attorney at Law, for a free consultation and learn how we can help.

Understanding The Local Rules Pertaining To Speeding Tickets

We represent individuals throughout Central Georgia. Based in Griffin, we represent people who are pulled over for speeding offenses and other traffic and license offenses in the counties of Central Georgia that flank Interstate 75. Our clients are often truck drivers, and other out-of-state drivers who often do not realize the jeopardy of pleading guilty to a speeding violation and paying the fine.

If you were clocked at 14 mph over the limit or less, you may or may not be safe depending on the county where you were ticketed. It should not count as points against your Georgia license or appear on your record in your home state. Contact an attorney to be sure!

Points That Add Up

For exceeding the speed limit by 15 mph or more, you definitely need an attorney to get it reduced. Georgia has a graduated point system for speeding tickets:

  • 15 to 18 mph over = 2 points
  • 19 to 23 mph over = 3 points
  • 24 to 33 mph over = 4 points
  • 34 mph or more above the limit = 6 points

Drivers under age 21 can lose their license for a four-point offense (such as 80 mph on a 55 mph highway), or any combination of four points in 12 months.

Could You Lose Your Job Due To A Speeding Ticket?

In most cases, we can represent drivers from out of state, including CDL drivers, via phone, email and fax so that they do not have to return to Georgia to appear in court. If you are a Georgia resident, our attorney can represent you in municipal court, in license suspension hearings and during the license reinstatement process.

Our lawyer knows how to negotiate with prosecutors to reduce speeding tickets, either to a lower speed offense or a no-point citation. We can pull your driving record to learn the potential ramifications for your Georgia license, CDL license or driving privileges in your home state.

Efficient And Effective Resolution Of Your Speeding Ticket Matter

At James R. Dutton, Attorney at Law, in Griffin, Georgia, we know how to help drivers with speeding tickets. Call now at 678-229-0528 or send us an email.